Thomas Cook brings ‘Do Not Thomas Cook it, book it’

A still from 'The man'
A still from ‘The guy’

This season’s effort, which starts tomorrow also marks the return of the iconic “Don’t just book it ,   Thomas Cook it” strapline in the united kingdom.

“It’s a line we have not utilized since 2013, but we are bringing it down. When we tested some traces with clients, inquiring which ones spoke to our brand objectives, they picked ‘Don’t book it, ” Thomas Cook it’ as the one who actually signposted us as one of the most loved and strongest travel plans,” Chris Chalmers, advertising director at Thomas Cook UK, said.

The 2 spots, made by KBS Albion, are “The guy” and “The chase”. They have been led Patrick Chen of Park Pictures and by Christian McKenzie.  

Creative director Dominic Martin, Adam Lawrenson and KBS Albion’s executive director directed the effort and media is managed iProspect along with by Carat.  

“The guy”, that is aimed at families is set into the macho conquer of I Am The Wonderful  by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins.   Set in a Sunwing Kalithea Beach Family Resort, captures how a holiday lets kids grow and make memories for parents which will never be forgotten.

The ad, which shows that a woman enjoying herself is intended to overthrow swagger and the confidence that a holiday can give to kids. The spot closes with the line “Because the longer we do our item, the more you can do yours”.  

“This ad is really a development from the dance shark boy. The mindset cheek and narrative compels him ‘The longer we do everything, the greater the customer can perform theirs’. The lead character, Abigail, is really supposed to draw out that,” Chalmers said.  

“The Chase”, on the other hand, was put at   the adult-only Sunprime Miramare. It employs the timeless sport of Kiss Chase to tell the story of how a holiday allows you to fall in love all over again. Composed by Jim Copperthwaite, the ad is put to The Dancers from his newly published  Ballroom Ghosts  album.

“We intentionally pulled the ads in various directions, mentally. ‘The chase’ is all about emotive storytelling across the brand. It is about the atmosphere it creates than showcasing an actual item. We care and offer real quality,” Chalmers clarified.  

Taking interactivity Thomas Cook partnered with Shazam to tell its 21 million UK users a narrative. After the ad is Shazam’erectile dysfunction, it brings users onto a 360° tour of the Sunprime Hotel (such as “The chase”), or even Sunwing Family Resorts (“The guy”).  

“This effort is most likely one of our greatest investments in digital and social interaction,” Chalmers said.  

The new campaign will run over several stations including digital, social, TV and throughout next year in store. “The guy” will launch on  tomorrow (Saturday) before airing on TV during the ad rest of the   Secret Life of Five Year Olds on Holiday, that Thomas Cook partnered with Channel 4 to make, on 28 December.

The Chase will debut during the ad break of Coronation Street on Christmas Day.

The campaign will run over 15 markets in complete.