Cooking With Color

The winter blues are no joke. The sky is gray, the trees are bare and the continuous thoughts about spring weather consume these days. Subzero temperatures, icy streets, and dreary weather are certain to attract even the happiest person down into the dumps.  So what can you do when you are stuck indoors and feeling blue? Throw in an apron and get yourself!  

This weekend I decided to make a yummy breakfast taco recipe and then incorporate some colour to the dish, such as a number of my favorites: reddish. I really don’t know about anybody else, but bright colours constantly put a little pep in my step. There is nothing about the colour red that provides me a feeling of excitement and warmth.   What a perfect way to treat my summer blues!  

Per my takeaways froma week I bought smaller/softer vegetables so as to avoid a different heavenly upper body exercise. But, cutting blossoms was not one of my smartest ideas. I ended up looking as though I’d only watched six Nicholas Sparks movies in a row and also, to make matters worse, there were not any cells anywhere in the home. I’ll keep this in mind next time.

I inserted the peppers into a warm non-stick pan, shuffled them about until they were soft, and inserted that the diced red onions. Once the onions were cooked, I cracked several eggs to the bowl, then tossed into a few shredded parts of kale, then wrapped the mix until the eggs started to firm up. Even though the eggs were cooking, I prepped my taco shells, avocado, lime, and mild salsa. I chose not to utilize a serrano pepper as my taste buds have not quite graduated to that level of warmth. I have often been known as a wimp but this girl knows her limitations.

I finished by stuffing the shells with the lettuce and eggs and ended up with six tacos as it was all said and done. I loved one with a tall glass of OJ for breakfast and also  froze the remaining tacos.  

The wonderful thing about any kind of taco, while it’s for dinner or breakfast, is that you can be creative with the components you choose and move to town! Packed full of healthy and nourishment vegetables, this makes a healthful choice for breakfast. I am very excited about enjoying these tacos over the next few weeks.

My takeaways:

– Cutting onions in the daytime is a bad idea

– I like recipes which are flexible and Permit for creativity

– Healthy food does not have to be boring

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Writer- Sam Long, Social Media Specialist