EZ Cooking Class

Cooking Course, within the making-of ” Bakar Madu” by Cook Reza. Udang Bakar Madu BAHAN: Udang ukurang besar 8 ekor Jeruk nipis 1 buah Minyak goreng 500 ml Tusuk sate 4 buah Marinade Madu: Marinade tomat 3 sdm Marinade sambal 1 sdm Kecap manis 2 sdm Kecap asin 1 sdt Madu 4 sdm Garam secukupnya […]

Cooking Tip Sauteing

We Southerners often believe our food is really tasty due to our cooking methods that are conventional. Which makes it difficult although our contemporary life-style usually isn’t active to burn to revise our kitchen-style for medical diets. What’s promising is that this: it’s the new, regional things that create food tasty. While reducing needless calories […]

Dan cooking 3

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Mario’s Cooking Show

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