What Is Cooking: What Can You Cook to Impress?

Hey there, and welcome back into What’s Cooking? , the weekly open thread in which you get to talk about recipes, advice, your thoughts, and feedback on everything edible. I want to talk about the meal if you need to unwind and pleasure, and get your hints and techniques for creating a significant impact with […]

Energy Efficient Cooking Tips

Since it is officially fall, you may be dreaming of cooking up warm soups to enjoy with the fire. Or, you could be thinking ahead of what you plan on serving for Thanksgiving dinner. Whenever you step foot in the kitchen to prepare a meal, it is important that you keep those energy efficient cooking […]

The Cooking Techniques Every Frugal Cook Must Know To Save Money

Picture by dmitrymoi @ stock.adobe.com.au The majority of us do not know to cook correctly. Sure, we know to follow recipes and prepare the fundamentals. But we do not understand the science and fundamental methods of cooking well. And that’s the big difference that separates the home cook from the expert cook. An expert cook […]